Get Fit With Exercise Equipment Costing Less Than $100

Just about everyone has bought exercise equipment with the best intentions of finally getting fit. Sooner or later, a lot of that expensive equipment ends up on Craigslist or in a yard sale. Going to a gym is an option, but it can be hard to squeeze in the time.

Instead of spending thousands on exercise equipment that, for the price, should really do the exercises for you, try these really low-cost alternatives. Some would even be fun to use with the kids.

Jump Rope

Jump ropes were a lot of fun in grade school, but remember the movie “Rocky”? Jump ropes can deliver a fantastic cardio workout just about anywhere. It’s tougher to do than it looks, so in the beginning alternate between jumping for a minute and resting for a minute.


Dumbbells are always found in gyms because they work. They can be added to many other exercises to build a stronger body. It’s good to have several sets weighing from 5 to 30 pounds each. Pricing varies greatly, so test a few first.

Resistance Bands

If you’re on a tight budget, resistance bands are for you. They’re inexpensive and easy to store. Increase the resistance of most exercises, whether it’s a bicep curl, a lateral slide or just stretching. They are excellent for someone just beginning to work with weights. A full workout is possible using only the bands. Get a full set of light, medium and heavy resistance bands for approximately $30.

SKLZ Trainer Mat

This exercise mat is printed with pictures and instructions showing the muscles being worked on and guiding the user to a full-body workout. There are several mats available for beginners or more advanced training regimens. It’s a bit like the Twister game, but for fitness.

Suspension Trainer

When exercising at home, the lats or large muscles groups in your back are the hardest to work. A pullup bar is one way to do this, but some prefer suspension trainers, adjustable straps hung from the door, wall or ceiling. In addition to being great for the lats, they can be used for a full-body exercise program.

Yoga Mat

This won’t improve fitness, but a high-quality mat provides cushioning while exercising. You can also bring it outdoors.

Kerrie McLoughlin is a fun-loving wife and mother of five who writes on anything of interest. Check out to have a laugh and learn something new.