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Finding the Best Chiang Mai Cafe in Your Area Thai food is so popular around the world that many people will travel thousands of miles to try the rare delicacies you can only find in cafes and restaurants in Thailand. The food in Thailand, both in restaurants and that sold by street vendors, has been popularized a great deal by American TV personalities whose travel and cooking shows have introduced this unique cuisine to a larger world. No matter if you are planning a trip to exotic Thailand or you are thinking about looking for the best Thai food around, you should search the Internet for more information about a Chiang Mai cafe. The city of Chiang Mai, located in the province of the same name, is located in northern Thailand. Because it is the largest city in the more temperate region of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai attracts thousands of vacationers every year. While it is true that most Americans do not associate Thailand with religious activity, every aspect of life in Thailand is related to Buddhism in some way. Every morning, long lines of Thai forest monks, wearing their orange robes, can be seen in and around cities like Chiang Mai for the noon meal. The ritual in Thai forest Buddhism is the giving of alms, in which local people seeking merits and teachings bring food to share with the monks. Chiang Mai, unlike its southern neighbor Bangkok, has a slower pace and is much more traditional. If you are looking for a vacation spot in Asia where the pace of life is slower and the world famous food markets and cafes are open all nigh long, you need to look into Chiang Mai.
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You will find that nothing in the cuisine of Chiang Mai is bland. Thai food is so well known because its main point is to be well rounded and balanced. In all Thai recipes you will find a vivid representation of all of the flavors. With dishes like Thai fried rice made with proteins like chicken and shrimp, aromatic vegetables, chillies and sauces made from lime juice, fish sauce (fermented fish), chillies and garlic, you are sure to find the most intense and interesting flavors in Chiang Mai cuisine.
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In an ancient city like Chiang Mai, the tradition is to serve a special Khantone Dinner to special visitors to your city. This tradition has been around for nearly one thousand years in Thailand. The Khantone Dinner features a meat course, vegetable, fish, noodle and soup. Those who are interested in finding out more about Chiang Mai cuisine should begin by visiting the website of a Chiang Mai restaurant in their area. The Chiang Mai cafes and restaurants that you may travel to or that are located in your area serve aromatic and spicy food served in the traditional Khantoke Dinner style. The best way to get started is to search the internet for the website of a Chiang Mai Cafe.